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Much is said when ISDN is discussed in classrooms, the most common reactions are ISDN can be used in various fields of operation such as in an office environment, schools, industries and many more. ISDN has been around for many of years and is now being widely used as an important tool to help enhance our perception and understanding ability. However, the question still remains, what is ISDN ? Well ISDN stands for Integrated Service Digital Network and is a world-wide telecommunications network that uses end-to-end digital connectivity of multiple network services over a single communication channel which include voice and non-voice services. It also enables technology to perform high speed access to the Internet, telecommuting, and multimedia applications like desktop videoconferencing.  Integrated Service Digital Network is very simple to use and requires only the most general hardware and software and service provider in order to function within organizations and businesses.

ISDN has developed over the years and will be the way to the future as new enhancements are made and incorporated into the current ISDN system which will lead us to the next millennium to faster and more efficient telecommunication.

Integrated System Digital Network
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