Laptops & Telecommuting


The ElectroFreaks

The development of the laptop computer really started 50 years ago when Bell Laboratories first came out with the transistor.  This replaced the vacuum tube and initiated the miniaturization of the Personal Computer.  The people who were first involved in the development of the PC were labeled "rebels" as they were not satisfied with the path laid out by the large computer companies.  The laptop and notebook computers are inextricably linked with telecommuting.  Telecommuting is working anywhere outside the office such as at home or in an electronic cottage.  Telecommuting has positive points such as: reduced company overhead and reduced travel time.  There are, however, points of contention such as: employee isolation and company start-up costs.  From a Canadian perspective, telecommuting is not only growing but its rate of growth is growing with the increased utilization of the Internet at home and at work by information workers.



The Canadain Telework Association

The History of Computers and the Internet

Road Warrior International


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