Multimedia in the Classroom
by Melanie Marsh

"Kids retain 5% of what they hear and 10% of what they read but 80% of what do and 90% of what they teach."
-- Robert Ballard, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Children of today are being deemed the "Nintendo Generation".
They are immersed in a world of technology- they play video games into the wee hours of the night eagerly anticipating what new problems the next level will give them to solve, they line up at the music store to buy the latest interactive CD by their favorite artist, and they stay at home with mom and dad to teach them how to "surf the Net".  Although there may be controversy surrounding the issue of how much time our children spend in front of the computer, there is one sure benefit to living in such a technology driven society-  a child's natural curiosity may be taken to new levels with access to computers, the Internet, and interactive multimedia, computers make discovery oriented learning possible.  We have already demonstrated that children are faced with technology everyday, what better way to develop the rudimentary skills they develop via video game playing than to incorporate it into educational curriculum.  Their world is becoming increasingly interactive, communication intensive, and knowledge based and thus there is a great necessity for the transformation of our schools to cater to the needs of our children who are indeed the future of this information driven society.


Research for this project was done by
Alex Chau, Binh Tran, Florence Tan, Melanie Marsh and Theresa Gouglas.
  All right reserved. © 1998