Multimedia in the arts and culture
by Florence Tan

"Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Begin it now."
-- Goethe

Multimedia is the combination of text, graphics, sound and video into a single, digital experience that you can interact using your computer. Multimedia presents information through text, pictures, voices, music, sounds, videos, animations and more. Multimedia can be found in many areas of the arts and culture. There are many online museums and virtual galleries which have paintings, photography, literature, animation, and music which interact with the user.

Multimedia in arts and culture has sprung into a new form of expression of artistry. Computer art uses multimedia tools such as GIFs, Quicktime Virtual Reality, Adobe Systems, Shockwave and many more to create the most dynamic animated graphics and movies. This new form of art has opened doors to a whole new category of artists. These artists not only create computer art but take historical and contemporary art and put them on computer screens.

Back in the old days, many of us would not be able to afford a trip to the Louvre or to see Egypt's pyramids. Now the seven wonders and the greatest museums are only a click away! Thanks to multimedia, many museums and interesting places have been put online. This means anyone who has access to the internet and appropriate software can take virtual tours through almost any museum to see the arts, literature and exhibits and go around the world in five minutes!


Research for this project was done by
Alex Chau, Binh Tran, Florence Tan, Melanie Marsh and Theresa Gouglas.
  All right reserved. © 1998