Multimedia in Archaeology
by Theresa Gouglas

Multimedia in Archaeology is a relatively new field of study but it presents an exciting new aspect of archaeology that will undoubtedly change the field of archaeology forever. The main focus of Multimedia in Archaeology is a thought provoking public center that encourages debate and allows for a free exchange of information in a range of issues. Essentially multimedia in Archaeology works as an interdisciplinary interface for the exploration and creative development of digital media technology.

History of Multimedia in Archaeology:
Information regarding the history of multimedia in archaeology is sparse and therefore it is difficult to discern its origins. The limited information that is available describes the origins of Archaeology on the internet as being in the publishing of papers and journal articles. Advances in multimedia are a recent occurrence in archaeology and only in the past few years has the information available developed from a strictly text based level to the interactive multimedia level that it is now approaching. Many of the multimedia sites found on the internet now allow for the user to actively "participate" in excavations! Archaeology is and invasive and destructive science, meaning that once a site has been excavated there is nothing left for further interpretation, with the onset of the internet and the new technologies that are being developed, even with the destruction of a site during excavation, the "virtual site" can be kept forever and interpreted by many.


Research for this project was done by
Alex Chau, Binh Tran, Florence Tan, Melanie Marsh and Theresa Gouglas.
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