Palmtop computers are the next wave of computer technology.  They are small, light, and easy to carry around allowing people to work away from their homes and still access information that is needed to prepare papers or reports or just have fun surfing the net. 

Computer technology has greatly evolved from the first computer built in 1946 that weighed thirty tons to the new palmtop computers that way under four pounds.  Computer applications have also greatly changed.  The first computer that was ever built had to be rewired in order to be programmed but now the user can perform several operations are once. 

Palmtops had a slow start in society but as the technology improves, so will the sales.  We are leading into a future that will require everyone to carry a small computer around, whether it is in our shirt pockets or implanted into our elbow.  This is the beginning of the future, here and now. 

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