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Home Innovations




Hydrogen Fuel Cells

by Kurtis Strickland

The future always promises to be better in many ways. For the future in house technology there are many changes to be made for the improvement of household consumption. The following report takes a glance at the revolutionary new techniques for house contruction and insulation. Also, a new and highly efficient way of heating your house and water with the use of fuel cells and natural gas.

The concept of the "smart home" is no longer an idea but a success. The automated home is a network of links controlling lighting, audio, video, telephone, personal computers, security and hvac systems. The average home of tomorrow with have some form of automated system. The need for simplifing our life is an ongoing pusuit for civilization today.

Popular Science
Beyond 2000
Automated Lifestyles

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by Khuon Tran

Businesses today must provide new and better products to meet the changing demands of the consumers in order toremain competitive and profitable. The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) is a good example of how in just 20 years, it has changed its products, themes and image to meet the tastes of its fans. Integrating wrestling with sex, death, family, and culture, the WWF shows why it is the leader in sports entertainment.

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Wrestle Zone
History of Wrestling

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by Deborah Clarke

There have been many contributions made to the development of the newspaper, its main focus though has not changed. The focus of the newspaper since its inception in the early 17th century was to disseminated current information to the public. As in the 17th century this focus remains the same in the newspaper industry today.

With the evolution of the Internet will newspapers exist in the future? This question is being asked on a daily basis to those in the industry. I believe that if we look at the history and the development of the newspaper throughout we can answer without a doubt that the newspaper will prevail in paper form for many decades to come.

History of newspapers
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by Maurice Wadman

Travel has changed a great deal in the last century and the oncoming century promises even greater changes. At the beginning of the century travelling was limited to short distances because of time and cost constraints. People were only able to travel to nearby towns either by walking or by horseback. The invention of locomotives and automobiles allowed people to travel farther, faster in shorter periods of time, and this was the beginning of the vacation, as we know it today.

The average person was beginning to be able to travel throughout their country during a short period of free time from their job. The invention of the airplane by the Wright brothers eventually led to commercial airlines that made seeing the entire world a possibility of the average person. The most recent development that is sure to shape the way people will travel is the shuttlecraft. The space shuttle will eventually make travelling to other planets and other galaxies possible for the average person.

Canadian Space Agency
Shuttle Mission

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by Chris Frederick

The combustion engine, one of the great icons of the 20th century, could well become a thing of the past in the next millennium. Car manufactures around the globe are working on developing new types of engines that are more environmentally friendly, and among them is the silent and emission free fuel cell engine. The environment has been a driving force behind the investment in research into such technology, with new regulations imposing targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Other factors include the growth in global population and increasing demand for cars in emerging economies.

Despite the enthusiasm, fuel cell technology is still in its infancy, although car manufactures say they have made fast progress in the last two years. Canadian power technology company Ballard Power Systems is hoping to make the fuel cell engine a reality. Working with major car manufactures like Mercedes, Ballard has already come up with prototype hydrogen based fuel cell car called NECAR which should lead us into the next generation of automobiles.

Ballard Power Systems

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