Coms 361 F2002

A Persuasive Speech Worth 6%

Due October 29th and 31st in Tutorials


A persuasive Speech


Actuation Speech: The speech to actuate (to put into action), is one in which the audience already agrees with the topic, but the speaker motivates the listeners to act. The purpose is first, to reinforce attitudes, beliefs, and values, and second, to challenge the audience to behave in accordance with their attitudes. “Put your money where your mouth is” expresses the objective quite well. You should choose an interesting and meaningful topic. The best speeches will probably be those in which speakers view the speech as an opportunity to rally a cause or gain support for an important idea.


Argumentative Speech: This approach will choose a controversial subject, a topic, which will probably split the class into sides or subgroups. Remember what we have discussed in terms of using logic and evidence to persuade an audience, and how to persuade a receptive, neutral or hostile audience. Audience analysis is important when delivering this type of speech. You may want to conduct an informal class audience survey to find out where peoples values, beliefs and attitudes stand on the topic. A more logical than emotional appeal is typically present in an argumentative speech.


Inspirational Speech: The purpose of inspirational speaking is to motivate an audience to improve: personally, emotionally, professionally or spiritually. The speech may be geared toward experiencing greater success, developing attributes that evidence growth as a human being, achieving personal or professional goals, or helping others. Although the inspirational speech is an “often feel good kind of speech”, it is a challenge and can create audience tension. A more emotional than logical appeal is utilized in this type of speech.










Coms 361 F2002

Grading A Persuasive Speech Worth 6%

Due October 29th and 31st in Tutorials





1% Introduction:

.25% Gain Attention?

.25% Create a bond with the audience?

.25% Preview main points?

.25% Transition into body?


1% Body

.5% Main points selected well?

.5% Support material appropriate?


1% Conclusion

.5% Transition from body?

.5% Make speech memorable?


1% Outline

.5% Clearly organized?

.5% Bibliography? Sources clearly documented?


1% Content

.5% Suitable persuasive topic?

.5% Credibility?


1% Use of Appeals:

.5% Emotional Appeal?

.5% Logical Appeal?


TIME: 1:40-2:00 minutes. Marks will be deducted for going over or going under the time limit, so please time yourself during your speech rehearsal.



Speaker Order: We will reverse speaker order this week. Please recognize that you are expected to perform on the day that you are assigned or have a volunteer to replace you. If you are unprepared or absent a penalty will be applied as a one-mark deduction. See course outline. (Absences need to be confirmed with a physicians note or speeches e-mailed to me in advance). Tuesday October 29th last names beginning from the letter Z to the letter N. Thursday October 31st last names beginning from the letter M to A.