Coms 361 F2002

An Argument Worth 7%

Due October 22nd and 24th in Tutorials


1%  Analyzing the claim:

Identify the claim:

Look for qualifiers:

Find the exceptions:

Summarize the claim: 







1%  Analyzing the reasons:

List the reasons:

Examine the reasons:


1%  Analyzing the Evidence:

List the evidence:

Examine the evidence:


1% Noting Refutations:

Summarize all the refutations and list them on your tree diagram of claims, reasons and evidence.


2% Summarizing your analysis.

Once you have completed your analysis, it is a good idea to summarize the results in a paragraph.


1% Be sure to set aside your own position on the issue, confining your summary to the argument the writer makes.


NOTE******Often the linkage between the reasons and the claim fall short!


Speaker Order: We will reverse speaker order this week. Please recognize that you are expected to perform on the day that you are assigned or have a volunteer to replace you. If you are unprepared or absent a penalty will be applied as a one-mark deduction. See course outline. (Absences need to be confirmed with a physicians note or speeches e-mailed to me in advance). Tuesday October 22nd  last names beginning from the letter A to the letter M. Thursday October 24th last names beginning from the letter N to Z.